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You have to be living under a rock at this time if you don’t know about YouTube today. It is one of the most browsed websites along with Facebook and Google.

As a matter of fact, YouTube is owned by Google itself.

In this post, we are going to brief you on YouTube Red and also provide you with a link to the YouTube Red APK download.

For those who still don’t know about YouTube: It is an online video sharing platform where people from all over the world can upload their own videos or views the videos posted by others.

Even professional musicians, gamers, dancers, etc. like to upload their videos to YouTube because of its tremendous popularity

Note: YouTube receives 30 million online traffic per day.

This huge amount of traffic has allowed many people to monetize their content too.

You can apply for Google AdSense and start displaying ads on your uploaded videos. Whenever someone clicks on an ad, you get paid by Google.

Though there are some conditions which you need to fulfill to be eligible to apply for Google AdSense, I have mentioned some of the most important conditions below:

1) Your content should not violate YouTube policies

2) Your content should not violate any AdSense policies

3) You need to have a total of 10,000 views on your videos in total

So, there were the main conditions to be able to earn from Google AdSense

While this monetization method may be a chance to earn a few extra bucks for some, it might be an irritating experience for some of the users.

Many users found it really annoying when an ad popped up in the climax of a video just like TV serials

YouTube had to come up with some solution for this problem faced by some users. Well they couldn’t just turn off all of their ads, they too have to earn the commissions from advertisers, right?

So, YouTube came up with its variant known as YouTube Red

Now, you might be wondering what is the deal on this YouTube Red. Don’t worry, you are not far away from discovering everything about YouTube Red.

What is YouTube Red APK?

youtube red logo

YouTube Red is a paid online video surfing service exclusively for users in the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea.

You might be wondering how it is different from our regular YouTube and why is it paid.

Well, Keep reading to find out!

Features of YouTube Red

1) YouTube Red is a paid service that allows uninterrupted surfing of videos on YouTube, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music.

2) It provides advert free surfing for as low as 10$ per month. That’s quite a deal, I suppose.

3) YouTube Red will have its own set of original web series. I have added a list of these originals below.

4) You can play YouTube in the background too. This is the most awaited app feature that we all have been eagerly waiting for. Sadly, it is only for paid YouTube Red users.

5) You can also try their free trial before buying it. The trial period is about 30 days and you only have to pay if you are really satisfied with the service in these 30 days.

6) You can easily download YouTube videos

7) Using YouTube offline will be made easy with YouTube Red

8) It can also be used for YouTube Kids

9) YouTube Red also includes Google Play Music subscription. Now you don’t have to buy them separately.

10) You can download and use it like any other app and also use online from the official website

11) YouTube Red app allows you to choose the videos quality. You can choose from 140p, 360p,720p or full HD according to your data pack and internet speed.

Requirements for YouTube Red

1) A smart Android Device with Android version 5.0 or above

2) 1 GB of RAM for the smooth functioning of the app

3) Around 200 MB of ROM, this is probably more than enough but to be sure.

4) A fast and stable internet connection or the buffering will kill your vibes.

5) If you want to start a new YouTube series we recommend that your device supports Full HD, to maximize your viewing experience

6) A bucket list of stuff you are going to watch on this new advert-free YouTube

YouTube Red APK Download for Android

As YouTube Red is unavailable in most countries at the moment, you can use the second option- YouTube Red APK download. To download it just click on the download button provided.

As you own an Android device so you might be already aware that there are two ways to download an application on your device YouTube Red is not different there are two ways to download this app:

1) From Google Play Store

2) YouTube Red APK Download from third party sources

But before you start downloading, there is an extra step that needs to be done. Follow the procedure below.

1) Go to Setting>Security. Then select the option Allow Installation from unknown sources. That’s it.

youtube red apk download


To wrap up the post, there is only one word for YouTube Red. Awesome. All these features definitely make it worth to but. Moreover, it is just 10$ a month.

You can even get Google Play Music subscription already included in that.

Now you can enjoy YouTube Music, YouTube Kids etc. all under a single app. That is how amazing this app is.

YouTube has invested millions of dollars and has come up with very promising originals and there are more to come

Google is making sure to take over all the market of others apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix and also music-related apps with just one app – Youtube Red.

Why would someone want to keep changing apps for different tasks if he can get what he wants under one single app?

Though YouTube Red has not seen the worldwide release yet, it is going to launch for the rest of the countries very soon and shake their market as well.

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