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WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in today’s world. Almost everyone uses it to keep in touch with their friends and family as Whatsapp is really easy and very simple to use to stay connected with all. Also, you can share Images, Audio, Video, and documents etc.
As Whatsapp is growing constantly many developers are showing their interest in modifying it. As of now many Whatsapp Messenger mods are available is market in which Whatsapp Plus is the most favorite one.

Free Download WhatsApp Plus APK

what is whatsapp plus apk

‌As already told that it is a modified application or Unofficial version of Whatsapp which has many extra features like Hiding last seen, no media sharing limit and many others features which are listed below. “Whatsapp Plus” is the best mod version of Whatsapp by using you can do many things you can’t do in official Whatsapp Messenger. Below I’m going to describe all the amazing features of WhatsApp Plus.

‌WhatsPlus APK Features

download whatsapp plus apk

Now we will mention all the features that make WhatsApp plus apk different from the regular and boring WhatsApp apk. Also, we will do a comparison between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus apk features so that you can have a gist about Whatsapp Plus apk.
Note: Reading all the features of WhatsApp plus Apk before downloading is the best option.
  • ‌Orignal Whatsapp comes with a green icon but Whatsapp plus apk comes with a blue icon that can also be changed with some more icons.
  • ‌50 MB video limit, Yes you are seeing right you can increase video limit up to 50 MB in Whatsapp Plus but in default WhatsApp, it is only 15 MB.
  • ‌Ohh shit! No more 10 pictures in a single time in Whatsapp but Yes! you can send more than 10 pictures in single time by using Whatsapp Plus Apk.
  • ‌In the official WhatsApp app, you get don’t get any option to change the color of the background. You can’t even change the color of chat background or notification background. But in WhatsApp Plus apk it is possible to do all this.
  • ‌Now share pictures in Original size. In the official WhatsApp Apk whenever we share photos or videos, the picture quality gets reduced but the same is not the case with WhatsApp Plus Apk
  • ‌The most lovable feature of Whatsapp Plus apk is customization. Yes, you can customize the theme of your Whatsapp. Change status bar, chat rows, Contacts list and all that aren’t possible in original Whatsapp.
  • ‌Different Status for Different people? Yes! You can show different status updates to different people in your contacts. This means you can set a different lovely status for your friends and family and you can set a romantic status for your girlfriend. This feature is quite appreciated by a lot of people.
  • ‌The best feature in it is that you don’t need to open your friend’s profile for reading their status. You can read their status while chatting with her/him
  • ‌You can change ticks/bubbles Style according to your choice.
  • ‌Also working in android Oreo, some of mod apk apps only work in Android Nougat and Pie versions, but the latest version of WhatsApp plus apk is also working in android marshmallow devices.
  • ‌And much more, which you can see after download Whatsapp plus apk and installing it.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Plus Apk?

whatsapp plus apk

Many readers will surely ask that is it safe to download or install this modded WhatsApp Apk as it is unofficial and not supported by Whatsapp, but Yes it is completely safe to download and use Whatsapp Plus apk. One of the main and core features of Whatsapp Plus apk is AntiBan. So No Ban issues, it’s possible to encounter ban issues with some modded apps, but not this one.

How to use Whatsapp Plus 

In this section, we’ll tell you how to use Whatsapp Plus apk step by step on your Android device.
Here are the steps for using WhatsApp Plus APK:-
  1.  Download WhatsApp Plus Apk from below Download section.
  2.  Go to settings and check Unknown Sources so you can install third party application on your Android phone.
  3. Now open your original Whatsapp application and take a back up so you don’t lose any data during the change of apps.
  4. Uninstall Whatsapp Messenger and Install Downloaded WhatsApp plus apk.
  5. Enter the number that you were using in Orignal WhatsApp and it will automatically detect and prompt to restore chat back up.
  6. Do chat back up and Enjoy Whatsapp Plus on your Android.

Whatsapp Plus FAQ

Q. Whatsapp plus apk is official App?
A. No. It is an unofficial modified apk of WhatsApp.
Q. Are all features mentioned available in Whatsapp Messenger?
A. No only modified WhatsApp client will have these features.
Q. Is WhatsApp Plus updated to latest base update?
A. Of course, it is Update to Latest base and frequently updating after each Whatsapp Update.
Q. End to End protection is available?
A. Yes, an end to end protection is there in Whatsapp Plus Apk.
Q. Is there any privacy concern?
A. No, as all data are on Official WhatsApp server.
Q. Any chances of getting ban from using Whatsapp?
A. No, it is a ban proof WhatsApp mod. So no chance of getting banned.
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