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This download guide is for all those users who are devastated by the loss of Terrarium TV as their favorite streaming app for Android devices. For months, we have looked for an app to replace Terrarium TV, however today we are here to introduce you to Titanium TV, which is now known as Terrarium TV Reborn. Below we list the majority features of Titanium TV and then provide you with a step by step tutorial of how to install Titanium TV on your Android device.

Titanium TV is another close movie application just like Terrarium TV, and after using it, people have started calling it Terrarium TV Reborn or a patch for Terrarium TV. Recently, Titanium TV has been updated with a load of new features, and after downloading it on our device, we have really enjoyed using it to stream TV shows and movies on it.

Features of Titanium TV

  • Offers the ability to use MX Player as an alternative video player
  • The application provides the option to download subtitles for movies/TV shows you are streaming
  • Has the ability to stream movies/TV shows in high quality such as 1080p and 720p
  • Streaming is very fast on a stable internet connection with servers such as Google Drive
  • A very easy to use interface and hence makes it easy for everyone to navigate
  • TV shows and movies are added to the app regularly and movie servers are updated regularly
  • Download option is available for TV shows and movies
  • It is also available for firestick devices and iOS

Download Titanium TV on your Android device

  • Use the download button provided  to download Titanium TV APK to your Android device
  • Enter the downloads folder of your device and click on the APK to install Titanium TV to your device
  • If prompted, enter the settings of your device and enable installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android device
  • Click install and wait for the installation procedure to complete on your device
  • Once installed, open the Titanium TV application and provide Titanium TV with the permissions required for it to run flawlessly on your Android device
  • Enjoy unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies for free on your device

Disclaimer – Titanium TV is after all an illegal streaming service and streaming copyrighted content may lead to banning of your services or any other legal issues. To avoid any such issues, we would recommend downloading a fast and secure VPN service on your device to ensure your privacy and to protect you from any data theft. While any VPN app from the store works fine, we would personally recommend the Express VPN app. It is extremely quick to connect to a proxy server and guarantees that your sensitive information will remain safe and secure.

What if I run into an error/The Titanium TV Apk is incompatible with my device?

Not to worry, in order to overcome any errors you might face while installing or using the Titanium TV apk, we have the following solutions-

  • To solve any compatibility issues, simply delete your Titanium TV apk and download an earlier version of the app and install it. This should override any issues of compatibility.
  • To overcome any error you face while installing the app, or while using the app, use one of the three methods mentioned below –
  1. Enter application info and reset the permissions and preferences of the app, and then restart the app. This should essentially reboot the app, hence overriding any issues.
  2. Download any VPN app from the Google Play Store and connect to a VPN network and try re-downloading the Titanium TV apk from the links.
  3. Clear data and cache from the application info on your device. Also, check if an update is available for Titanium TV. If so, download the new Titanium TV apk and run the installation process to overcome any errors.

Miscellaneous Details about Titanium TV APK

titanium tv apk download

  • To use the Titanium TV apk anonymously to avoid any legal concerns, download any VPN app from the Play Store and connect to a proxy server.
  • If Titanium TV apk tends to lag or hang while streaming, connect to a proxy server and restart the streaming to ensure smooth loading of the stream.
  • To reduce load time you can connect to a Google Open DNS. In order to change your server, you can download a DNS changer from the Play Store and use it to change your operating server.
  • Have at least 521MB RAM free on your device to ensure the smooth functioning of Titanium TV apk.


Titanium TV has burst into the market as one of the most viable alternatives for a streaming service that is available to users worldwide for them to stream TV shows and movies on their devices, Android, iOS or Firestick for free. While it does post the issue of legality, so does every other streaming service out there, and the ease of access and the helpful UI and the amazing collection of movies and TV shows which are updated on a regular basis make Titanium TV worth running the risk. Hence, while there are many streaming services available for users, Titanium TV proves as one of the elite applications for streaming content online.

Have any questions? Ask us in the comments section below! Happy streaming!

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