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Pokemon Go is one of the best real-life simulation games available on the market and is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. However, Pokemon Go has seen a loss in players due to the tedious task of having to search for Pokemon and usually ending up finding the same old Pokemon in the areas around you and it would take hours or sometimes even days to find a new Pokemon in your area. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could scope all the areas in the world from your comfortable chair in your home and catch Pokemon that spawn anywhere in the world at any time? That’s where PokeSniper APK comes into play for all you Pokemon fans.

PokeSniper APK is an app available for Android devices that allows you to track Pokemon of your choice that spawn anywhere in real time and allows you to catch Pokemon anytime. Since Niantic managed to ban most of the services that allowed real-time tracking of Pokemon, such as Pokemap and others, PokeSniper is a viable solution that allows you to find Pokemon and catch them without even getting banned!

Requirements for PokeSniper APK

  • Android Device with version 4.2 or above
  • APK file for PokeSniper (Download from the link)
  • A working and stable internet connection
  • Pokemon GO login details (Pokemon Trainer Club/Google)
  • Follow our tutorial provided below

Download and install PokeSniper APK on your Android Device

Step 1 – Download PokeSniper APK for Android from the download button provided or from the official PokeSniper Gifthub

Step 2 – Since PokeSniper is a third-party apk file so you must enable your device to install applications from Unknown sources:

Enter the settings of your Android device

Locate “Enable Unknown Sources” and allow your device to install apps from unknown sources

Done! You can now proceed to the next step.

IMPORTANT (Only for existing PokeSniper users): If you have previously used PokeSniper APK on your device, make sure you delete the previous version before installing this version. Else, you might experience force closure of the app.

Step 3 – Install the PokeSniper app on your Android device. Open the APK file you downloaded earlier in Step #1 to install PokeSniper on your Android device.

Step 4 – You will see a pop-up window with three options, at which point you must press the Install button and follow the procedure shown on screen to complete the installation of PokeSniper.

Step 5 – Once the installation process is complete, open the PokeSniper app to learn how to use the app to snipe Pokemon of your choice

pokesniper apk reference image

Features of PokeSniper APK

  • PokeSniper is a fantastic application which you can use to snipe Pokemon of your choice on both Android and iOS devices
  • You can get any Pokemon around the world without having to move from the comfort of your home
  • Only one tap to locate the Pokemon of your choice with its exact coordinates
  • You can teleport between one location and another with the tap of a button
  • PokeSniper is a safe application, it does not cause any harm to your device
  • PokeSniper has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use for everyone
  • It is a free application
  • It works Android and iOS devices both.
  • There is no ban threat for this application, meaning you will not get banned in the game for using PokeSniper.
  • No root is required for your device to install PokeSniper APK on your device

pokesniper apk image

What if I run into an error/PokeSniper Apk is incompatible with my device?

Not to worry, in order to overcome any errors you might face while installing or using the PokeSniper apk, we have the following solutions-

  • To solve any compatibility issues, simply delete your PokeSniper apk and download an earlier version of the app and install it. This should overcome any compatibility issues.
  • To overcome any error you face while installing the app, or while using the app, use one of the three methods mentioned below –
  1. Download any VPN app from the Google Play Store and connect to a VPN network and try re-downloading the PokeSniper apk from the links.
  2. Reset app preferences and permissions and restart the app, resetting the app and essentially rebooting the application
  3. Clear data and cache of the app from the application info, or check if an update is available for the app. If so, download the new PokeSniper apk and run the installation process to overcome any errors.

Our Final Opinion about PokeSniper APK

It couldn’t get any better than PokeSniper APK for your Android device as a companion app to Pokemon Go. It’s free, it allows you to track Pokemon worldwide without having to move an inch and even allows you to teleport to their location and catch them at a moments notice, and while doing this, you’re completely safe from the ban-hammer coming down on you.

PokeSniper APK is the best app on the market to use to play Pokemon GO and put some fun back into the game that was once the most played game in the world.

Have any questions? Then Ask us in the comments section below. Cheers!

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