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Ever felt stuck in the middle of the situation where you are listening to a YouTube single in a loop. but can’t download it? Let alone download it because it doesn’t even have the offline option for all the songs.

If your answer is “Yes” then don’t worry, OG YouTube apk app has got you covered.

Whenever you like a song on YouTube, you can just download it to your phone using OG YouTube apk app. Not only in the video version of any quality but also in mp3 version. This is something new, isn’t it?

These are just the modest examples of its features, OG YouTube for iPhone is capable of much more than that. Keep reading to know more about the app and its features. We have also added the download link for anyone who wants to download OG YouTube apk app.

What is OG YouTube App?

Now the answer you all were looking for. What actually is this OG YouTube for iPhone and what is so special about it? So, without wasting much of your time- here it is.

OG YouTube apk app is a modified and more advanced version of our classic YouTube version. It has all the features of YouTube and much more too.

YouTube on its own does not allow users to download its videos. People from around the world eagerly waited for this feature/update to arrive.  But YouTube didn’t roll out any such update. So, developers were drawn to creating the app on their own- An app which could fulfill this request of the masses.
Let us read more about the features of this app.

Features of OGYouTube App

features of og youtube apk

  • You can download any video you like from YouTube to your device.
  • These videos can be downloaded in any video quality you like ranging from 144 pixels to 1080 pixels.
  • If it is a song and you just want the audio, OG YouTube apk app also has the feature to download the mp3 version of it.
  • You can play songs/videos from YouTube in the background also. This feature works even if your phone screen is off.
  • OG YouTube app is available for all the other major platforms as well. Be it Android or PC.
  • The download speed of OGYoutube apk app is very fast and you can download as many videos as you like for free.
  • You can download 50 videos at a time in this amazing app.
  • OG YouTube apk app has fast, clean and easy to use interface.
  • You can also rename the videos and download it with whatever name you want on it.

Requirements for OGYouTube APP

  • An Apple iPhone with apk version 8.0 or above.
  • A third party downloader from the list mentioned below.
  • A good antivirus software.


Note: You must install a good antivirus software on your apk devices to keep it safe.

Free Download OG YouTube App

There are two main ways to download an apk app. These two ways are :
From the official Apple App Store.
From a third-party downloader.
As this app is not available in the Apple App Store, you have to download it from a third-party Downloader.
You can use the download button provided

og youtube apk download

Download Now

How to use OGYoutube App For Watching Videos

Find OG YouTube apk app on your device and then launch the application.
You can use the search feature to find the video you like.
Once the relevant search results are displayed, you can choose the video you wish to download and click on the video link.
Now you will see a screen with download options. Here you can choose the video download quality from 144 pixels to 1080 pixels.
Once the video quality is selected, you must select the audio quality now.
Now your download will start automatically.
In this way, you can download as many videos as you like.

Our Final Opinion on OGYouTube APP

If you have faced any of the problems mentioned above, OGYoutube apk app is the perfect solution for you. It has all these amazing features which are like a dream come true for us. The bonus feature is the “mp3 feature”- you can download the mp3 version of any video you like.
So after considering all these points, there is hardly any reason not to download this amazing app.

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