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On countless opportunities has the situation come up when you’re just stuck on a particular level in your favorite game, or the game is forcing you to buy some collectible in order to go through the game faster, and you’re just stuck having to wait until you can tackle the problem again. A lot of free games and applications today only appear to be free, hiding away premium features behind a one-time payment. Popular games like PUBG and Candy Crush practically strong arm the user into micro-transactions so that they can enjoy the game fully.

But no more, Game Killer APK is here to put a stop once and for all on all these microtransactions and allow the user to enjoy an application fully without having to pay even a single penny towards these “free” applications. We know cheating is bad, and we must support the developers that create the games we love, but after a certain point, the amount of transactions you are forced into is ridiculous. Cheat engine has been working on Windows for years on end to help players progress further in games when they’re stuck, the game killer apk is just the Android version which does the exact same thing. Before showing you how to install and use Game Killer APK, let’s take a look at its features-

Features of Game Killer APK

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  • Allows you to change the value of any parameter in the game.
  • Runs in the background hence can be accessed at all times from a button on the screen.
  • Works by injecting code from the background into the game, allowing you to identify and modify any parameter you want.
  • While there is a risk of getting banned if used in online games, for offline games, Game Killer is the easiest way to modify parameters and cheat your way through the game.
  • Runs on the same engine as cheat engine for windows, using the same code injecting method which was made popular by cheat engine for Windows.
  • GameGuardian and Game Hacker are two alternatives that do the game job as Game Killer APK.

Requirements of Game Killer APK

  • The application is free to download, use the link below to download Game Killer APK to your device.
  • The application does require root, we suggest using applications such as Kingroot or SuperUser etc., for quickly rooting your Android device. Be sure to take a back up of your data before you root.
  • The application size is barely about 500 kilobytes, and even after installation, it does not occupy more than a few MB on your Android device.
  • The operation language is English, hence if you want to use the application in a different language, go into the settings and change the language as per your preference.

How to Download and Install Game Killer APK

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  • First, enter your settings and allow your Android device to install applications from unknown sources on your device.
  • Next, enter your browser and use the link provided to download Game Killer APK to your Android device.
  • Once the download completes, use the file downloaded to begin the installation of Game Killer APK to your Android device.
  • When prompted to allow applications to make changes to your Android device, click yes.
  • Wait for the installation procedure to complete.
  • Open the application, provide the applications with all the required permissions and use the Game Killer application to play and have fun on your favorite games.

How To Use Game Killer APK On Your Android Device

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  • Open the application and provide it with the permissions required for the application to run.
  • Without closing the application, return to your home screen and search for the game you wish to alter parameters in.
  • The application will continue to run in the background while you load up the game, and you can access it anytime from a semi-transparent icon that is always present on the screen.
  • Once the game loads up, use the icon to access the application.
  • Use the settings in the application to identify the parameter you want to modify, and then enter the new value which you want the parameter to take.
  • The application will inject code into the background which will modify the parameter and allow you to enjoy the game to its fullest extent.

What if you run into any errors while installing Game Killer APK?

Not to worry, in order to overcome any errors you might face while installing or using the Game Killer apk, we have the following solutions-

  • To solve any compatibility issues, simply delete your Game Killer apk and download an earlier version of the app and install it to your device. This should override any issues of compatibility.
  • To overcome any error you face while installing the app, or while using the app, use one of the three methods mentioned below –
  1. Download any VPN app from the Google Play Store and connect to a VPN network and try re-downloading the Game Killer APK from the links provided
  2. Enter app info and reset the permissions and preferences of the app, and restart the app. This should clear up any errors encountered while trying to use the app
  3. Clear cache and data of the app from app info, or check if an update is available for Game Killer APK. If so, download the new Game Killer APK and run the installation, and you should be able to overcome any errors.

Our Final Opinion on Game Killer APK

Without a doubt, Game Killer is one of the most effective applications to take complete advantage of your favorite games by changing the parameters of the game. Game Killer injects code into the application allowing you to modify parameters and take complete advantage of the Game Killer application to have fun while playing your favorite games.

No longer will you have to deal with the microtransactions and unnecessary speedbumps while trying to play your favorite games. You can use the game killer application to optimize and modify parameters as per your preference and have fun with your games.


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